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Why do you need a Privacy Center?
Kaamel AI Engine scans your products build a Privacy Center for you so you can skip the lengthy and tedious questionnaires.

Save Money
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Instantly view and understand your cookie policy, terms of use, and consent management.

Save Time
Build in 20 minutes

Automatically generate cookie policy, privacy policy, and cookie consent management.

Become compliant

Tune and publish privacy and cookie policies to meet your business needs and growth
What do you get?
We provide a hosted Privacy Center equipped with the essential privacy documents and features to ensure compliance with privacy regulations (GDPR, CPRA etc), while fostering trust with your customers. The Privacy Center encompasses policies such as the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Cookie Policy, Do not Sell or Share, and Cookie Consent Management. Kaamel AI can seamlessly scan your applications for updates and changes. In addition, Kaamel stays abreast of the latest privacy regulation changes to ensure your Privacy Center is up-to-date.